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Franglais RVA.NYC Welcomes You

Learn French, English and Yoga

students discussion in French or English in a classroom setting

Don't know where to start?

Stuck in your language learning journey and need some guidance? Not sure if your pronunciation is understandable?

I am now offering one-off sessions for those who have some language experience but want to know what to do next. Leave the session with tools to progress on your own. 

In person or online: $30 for 45 minutes


Guaranteed Success

Learning a foreign language can be a daunting task, but at Franglais RVA.NYC, we make it fun and approachable. Our knowledgeable and experienced teachers use innovative techniques to help students develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, our friendly, supportive and collaborative environment will help you reach your language goals.

Student Reviews

Corinne is an absolute dream ! She is tutoring my 5 year old anglo-phone who is enrolled in a French DLP Kindergarten class. Corinne is lively, engaged, playful and incredibly thoughtful. She has really helped our daughter discover the joy of the language. I highly recommend her!

 Kate P.

I took my first French class with Corinne over a year ago. I wanted to learn conversational French as many people in my office speak the language. I took 2 levels with Corinne and I can now successfully eavesdrop on my co-workers. All jokes aside, I really enjoyed the classes. The material was easy to digest and presented in a fun and relevant way. I never felt too embarrassed to try to pronounce things or speak out loud in class. Corinne is a very engaging teacher and helps you zone in on the way you want to learn and speak the language, making it a very fun and practical way to learn.

Brit T.

Corinne is an excellent yoga instructor who takes into account how her students are feeling when she walks us through our asanas. She is knowledgeable, empathetic and kind. She often goes above and beyond when teaching, and I will continue to come to her for guidance throughout my yoga journey.

Natascha P.

I have know Corinne for the past 2 years and find her intellectual curiosity boundless., whether we discuss literature, language, culture or cooking. Corinne is a dedicated teacher who wants to make her students global citizens through language, literature learning and healthy living lifestyles. I would recommend her to adults and children for a multitude of subjects.

Brenda N.H

Corinne is a creative and resourceful educator who excels with both large groups and one-on-one. She is fully committed to getting young people excited about learning. She approaches challenges with inventiveness and a sense of fun. I'm proud to have her represent my organization, Urban Stages.

Illana S.

Corinne- your voice and cues are to the point and land with me. Right into my whole being. Thank you for helping me with my pigeon pose, I now get it! And I love frog! Thanks!

Gabriela G. 

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